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Delta Fishing Charters Provides an Inimitable Customized Fishing Experience

By: Phineas Gray
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Delta Fishing Charters is one of the leading providers of chartered fishing trips in the central California area.
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EZ Press Release  -- November 2, 2018 Delta Fishing Charters, one of the leading providers of chartered fishing experiences in the central California area, continues to expand its operations and further develop its sterling reputation by providing experiences that not only give friends and families memories they can bond over for a lifetime, but also improve upon their general fishing abilities and understanding of the sea and natural life.

When customers book a custom charter trip with Delta Fishing Charters, the company provides rods and reels that have proven to be best for catching specific species, as well as the appropriate tackle for the corresponding rod, although personal rods and reels are welcome. Bait fish is selected based on what species the client is most interested in catching, and all forms of tackle, including lines, lures, leaders and sinkers, are made available. Water supplies are available for every charter, and the staff at Delta Fishing Charters helps clients clean and package the fish they catch.
The custom chartered fishing trips are conducted on a Parker 2320 Pilot house fishing boat, which is one of the most respected brands and models on the market. Also, the vessel is outfitted with Raymarine’s Axiom electronics system. This is not only useful in attempting to find fish that may be in the area, but is also vitally helpful in guiding the boat back to safety should a storm occur in the middle of a trip.

Anyone interested in booking one of these charters can find out more by visiting the Delta Fishing Charters website or by calling 925-584-4283.

About Delta Fishing Charters: Delta Fishing Charters is one of the leading providers of chartered fishing trips in the central California area. Combining high-quality fishing vessels and navigation technology with a personalized, customer service oriented experience, Delta Fishing Charters is always excited to educate new clients about the wonders of the sea.

Company: Delta Fishing Charters
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State: CA
Zip code: 94561
Telephone number: 925-584-4283
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