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Greenhaus College Consulting Now Offers Academic Coaching For College Students

By: Phineas Gray
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Greenhaus College Consulting is launching a new program which targets college freshman, providing academic coaching throughout their college studies.
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EZ Press Release  -- May 10, 2017 Greenhaus College Consulting is launching a new program which targets college freshman, providing academic coaching throughout their college studies. Few colleges offer these resources on campus.

Services being offered are set up by appointment and customized to each student. Skype video calls are used as the primary method of communication, as well as Face-time and phone calls.

Greenhaus College Consulting prides itself on providing academic advising to students with various abilities and talents who are seeking expert guidance in their college journey. After watching many students having difficulty adjusting to their freshman year, they decided to offer a new service for students seeking this assistance. The results have been quite successful.

Benefits of Academic Coaching:

The goal of Academic Coaching is to help students become more organized, better note-takers, test takers and overall students. This is a skill which leads towards more self confidence and improved graduation rates. Academic coaching can often be the push that students need to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Being helped by educational professionals in the field can educate students in multiple areas of learning they may have not had a grasp of previously.

Academic Coaching is focused on how to help a student achieve the following:

What are my strengths and weaknesses that I can build on
What are the areas that I can …..
How can I be a better student
What resources are available to me on campus, tutoring, writing, accommodations
How can I access these resources
How am I managing my time for each of my classes
What Systems Do I have in place for monitoring my assignments.

These are just a few areas that students have made progress toward in the first semester that they engage in academic coaching. Students call this a crash course in learning. It has helped many students to understand that missing piece of information that prevents them from success. It is also the been know as the key that opens their success.

About Greenhaus College Consulting:

Gina Gerrato-Greenhaus created Greenhaus College Consulting to help families and students with their college search and provide targeted advice for the transition from high school to college. Their academic advising strategies have led many young people towards the college of their dreams. Greenhaus College Consulting works with students of all abilities. They also have an in depth knowledge of the best fit colleges for students with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder.

To learn more about Greenhaus College Consulting go to their website: or call 858-481-6045

Company: Greenhaus College Consulting
Address: 5802 Brittany Forrest Lane
City: SanDiego
State: California
Zip code: 92130
Telephone number: 858-481-6045


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