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Revival Labs Introduces an Age Defying Dietary Supplement

By: Phineas Gray
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Revival Labs Introduces an Age Defying Dietary Supplement, James Goll
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Revival Labs, a manufacturer of age defying products, has announced that they have launched a new range of dietary supplement, youthH2O.
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EZ Press Release  -- May 2, 2013 Revival Labs, a manufacturer of age defying products, has announced that they have launched a new range of dietary supplement, youthH2O. The product was featured on NBC's Today Show and has already sold out three times at retailers. youthH2O is a caffeine-free, sugar-free dietary supplement comprised of organic super foods including Maca, purple corn, Camu camu, and a variety of vitamins and nutrients that delivers beauty, performance and wellness all in one. youthH2O also announced that they are launching at Vitamin Shoppes nationwide in April 2013.

The dietary supplement introduced by Revival Labs contains powerful antioxidants, superior to both Acai and Pomegranate, 500% natural Vit C and other powerful Superfood nutrtients. The company claimes that regular intake of youthH2O boosts energy, immunity, metabolism, improves skin health, enhances mood and libido safely, and improves mental performance.

The product is manufactured following organic production methods in order to meet requirements of their quality control department. Using a data-driven proprietary blend of organic superfoods, youthH2O restores the empty shelves by replenishing and reactivating the necessary nutrients of the body's master gland responsible for the aging process. By adapting to body's unique needs and nourishment, youthH2O regains the youthful qualities of energy, smoother skin, faster metabolism, mental clarity, better mood, stronger immunity protection and better sleep. This results in helping one look and feel younger.

This is what Sherry Zikria, the vice president of the company's marketing division has to say about the new launch: "Everyone has a different definition of success. We have a health epidemic that youthH2O can hopefully be one of many avenues that help steer us back on the right course for a healthier population. We all need to unconditionally go the extra mile for our fellow people, especially when the platform is there. Otherwise what purpose does science and nutrition serve?"

About YouthH2O: This dietary supplement is a blend of powerful superfoods and nutrients formulated through advanced science and innovation to stimulate, replenish, and reactivate youthful elements and nutrients in human body. youthH2O fights against the signs of aging, while giving caffeine free energy. It provides immunity support, and adapts to body's needs supporting beauty, performance and wellness.

Company name: Revival Labs LLC
Contact Person: James Goll
Email ID:
Tel No: 305.751.5557
Address: 4255 Campus Dr. Ste A-100, Irvine, CA 92616.

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