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The Florida English Center Launches New Website

By: Timothy Harvard
For : Florida English Center
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The Florida English Center is pleased to announce they are launching a new website that will provide easy access to their services.
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EZ Press Release  -- April 4, 2014 Miami Beach, Florida, March 12, 2014: The Florida English Center is pleased to announce they are launching a new website that will provide easy access to their services. Their primary focus is on helping those who speak other languages learn English. A solid understanding of the English language can give these individuals the boost they need to succeed in the United States.

The new Florida English Center website features more than a way for interested individuals to sign up for comprehensive courses to learn English. The website provides all the information foreign language speakers need to make the choice to enroll in these courses, including tuition information, location and admission requirements. In addition to this information, students gain access to resources that can help them connect with other ESL students and practice their new skills.

The Florida English Center serves students from all over the world who want to learn how to speak English more effectively. They understand the importance of a thorough understanding of the English language and strive to provide each student with the assistance they need to be successful. This is why they also organize student get-togethers. Their goal is to get students together outside the classroom for social interaction and language practice, which is why they are also opening the New Café on the Terrace.

Anyone who would like more information about the new website or the café can find out more by visiting the Florida English Center website or by calling 1-305-824-0851.

About the Florida English Center: The Florida English Center is a learning program designed to help students from around the world gain a better grasp on the English language. Their Intense English Program was created to serve a culturally diverse group of individuals who want to learn English. Their qualified instructors work hard to ensure individuals receive the instruction and guidance they need, both in the classroom and in social situations.

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