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Updates and Forward Thinking

By: Phineas Gray
For : GFChart
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The firm that stagnates is lost, in this era of innovation and fast-paced change to the common norm.
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EZ Press Release  -- October 25, 2017 The firm that stagnates is lost, in this era of innovation and fast-paced change to the common norm. And GFChart has no intention of being left behind. As part of our revival for this new financial year, we have made some notable changes to our product, which we believe can improve its functionality among our users.

We have taken on board some suggestions from our users, and seek to ensure that our product brings not only excellent data interpretation - but also ease of use. As such, have filled some gaps.

First, our number formats have been expanded upon, in both calculations and in the progress bar. They now enable decimal places, thousands separators, and currency figures to be utilised, rather than simply a data figure.

Secondly, we have implemented a chart and calculation clone button, adjacent to the 'edit' button in the main GFCharts and Calculations page. This allows you to simply clone the report, rather than the older method of simply starting over from scratch. Among those users who need to duplicate their data, this will be a major time-saver.

Finally, our vaunted technical support structure is now closer at hand than ever before. New API support is now available, allowing you to connect more easily with GFCharts’ experts, who can access and interpret your data directly, on your behalf (and with your urging, of course).

These are just some of the ways that we are making our product more and more functional, by the day. We want you to get all that you can from us, and we intend to continue to improve our product and our services moving forward, each year.

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