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VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber) Cabling

By: Phineas Gray
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The progression of safe practice carries some high stakes in the world of the electrician.
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EZ Press Release  -- April 13, 2018 The progression of safe practice carries some high stakes in the world of the electrician. Power is vital to our lives today, but we don’t want to risk your home or your life to access it conveniently. This means remaining constantly aware of any problem areas with equipment and fittings, and encouraging constant vigilance.

In the case of VIR, or vulcanised indian rubber cabling, it is the insulation of the wire that has become a problem over time. Using a canvas wrap for insulation, and encased in a metal conduit, this wiring insulation does not stand the test of time well.

It tends to deteriorate and crumble, particularly at the ends. It means that the encasing metal conduit can become a live extension of the wiring, something that poses a danger to anyone in contact with it, as well as posing a threat of potential fires in the home.

This wiring, quite common in older homes built before 1950, serves as an excellent example of why it is so important to ensure that your wiring gets scrutinised by a professional. An inspection can ensure that there are no live wires or crossbeams lurking in your home, and that your electrical system is operating as designed, safely and with efficiency. Should a problem be detected, they can replace your wiring with more reliable, modernised equipment.

A premium Sydney electrician, such as the renowned experts at David Jones Electricians, will go to great lengths to keep you and your home safe. They can recommend methods of remediation, and leave you assured of the long-term viability of your electrical system.


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