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Hughes Law Offices Is Dedicated to Helping Victims of Diesel Exposure
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : January 11, 2019   Views : 180

Chicago, Illinois : The qualified team at Hughes Law Offices is pleased to announce they have dedicated themselves to serving the individuals and families of those who have found themselves suffering from injuries and illnesses as a result of diesel exposure in the railroad industry. The negligence of the railroads have caused cancer, breathing issues and other related illnesses. Hughes Law Offices has provided representation to individuals affected by this issue for more than four decades.

Hughes Law Offices understands the exposure and other negligent aspects of railroad work employees have been forced to deal with. With issues, such as exposure to diesel fuel and asbestos, many have found themselves suffering from life-altering illnesses. Those who have been affected won’t have to stand alone. The team at Hughes Law Offices intends to stand by each of their clients until they receive the settlement and acknowledgement they deserve.

Exposure to smoke and other deadly chemicals is one of the leading causes of injury and illness to those who once worked on the railroad. As one of the leading railroad cancer attorneys in the area, the team at Hughes Law Offices is there to seek damages and retribution for those who’ve found themselves or loved ones suffering at the hands of this exposure.

For more information on diesel exposure and the lasting results, visit Hughes Law Offices on their website or call 312-877-5588.

About Hughes Law Offices: Hughes Law Offices is a team dedicated to aiding those who have suffered at the hands of railroad companies receive the justice they deserve. As a part of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, they stand by their clients throughout the entire process until they receive the justice they seek for the illnesses they are suffering from.

Company: Hughes Law Offices
Address: 53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 738
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Zip Code: 60604
Telephone: 312-877-5588

Diesel Injury Law firm in Chicago, IL is dedicated to helping those injured by diesel exhaust exposure. Our law offices exclusively serve individuals and families stricken by diesel-related diseases, which include cancers, blood disorders and breathing problems.