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A Transformative Approach To Online Business

By: Phineas Gray
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Phoenix Business Cycle is refining how investors will invest in companies in the future.
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EZ Press Release  -- November 1, 2019 Phoenix Business Cycle is refining how investors will invest in companies in the future. Technology has changed the access of information, but the 70-year-old way of investing has not changed. The reality is when you have money, sometimes it is better to throw money at the problem rather than work for a solution.

CEO Audra Hajj-Bunten saw the way investing was being done and created an investors group that combines all types of investors into one group. The common denominator in all investor’s portfolios are the following 5 challenges: proper due diligence, team & leadership risk, capital risk, lack of time, and quality deal flow.

Mrs. Hajj-Bunten while developing a new business building system, alongside her husband Jamie Bunten, realized one day that same system developed on proven methodologies from building or restructure over 3,000 clients since 2006 to help entrepreneurs open and run successful companies, was the solution to these 5 top challenges to investors.

Everything in their proprietary system is dropped on a block chain providing transparency to the entrepreneur and investors. Mrs. Hajj-Bunten states “Businesses want to make their investors’ money, but the truth is money alone is not what the business needs to do that. They need smart money. Money that comes with resources, mentoring, expertise, and education on how to run their business effectively.”

They have tied together an investors solution that combines incubators, accelerators, Angel, Venture Capital, Crowd Funding, transparency, accountability, technology, and have reinvented the exit for both sides of the investment equation through their Ascension Program.

COO Mr. Bunten states "These elements are already in use to some degree in the marketplace individually, but until now combining them into an Eco-system for entrepreneurs and investors has not been done. This gives businesses the resources they need to accelerate at an exponential rate and Angels to have the resources and network usually only available to VC firms. This is a game changer across the board and will change the way business is done."

2020 will be a pivoting year within the investor Eco-system lead by Phoenix Business Cycles out of the box approach to the challenges faced by investors. They will be rolling out their Ascension Program to the masses at their event in Park City, UT. scheduled for Q4 of 2019. The event will combine entrepreneurs, investors of all types, and will be announcing their alignment with a new cutting-edge TV show called America's Real Deal which will bring immediate exposure to the business in this new investor Eco-system. This alignment will provide access to media, investment opportunities, and facilitating fundraising quickly, and is the key to success for business acceleration.


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