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Bug Detection and Sweeps - The Rise of Corporate Theft

By: Phineas Gray
For : Australian Bug Detection Group
Category : Security

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Intellectual property theft has become among the biggest disseminators of leading technology throughout the world today.
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EZ Press Release  -- August 1, 2017 Intellectual property theft has become among the biggest disseminators of leading technology throughout the world today. The frantic pace of technology has firms desperate to gain a foothold in their niche, while the varying paces of advancements between nations has incentivised state-sponsored thievery, as well that between corporate bodies.

But while intellectual property has become a hot commodity among drivers of economic change, good encryption, and a larger base of awareness among computer users insofar as their risks go, has made hacking a very specialised field. It has made some servers nearly impossible to breach, a reality that has led many to adopt some methods that could well be considered old-fashioned. These include such methods as the installation of hidden cameras and microphones.

These same advancements in technology have made this easier for would-be eavesdroppers. Microphones and mini-cameras are smaller now than they have ever been, and detecting them with any level of certainty can require more than just eyeballing a room.

Trained specialists utilise the right tools and techniques to root out outseen devices in your home or office. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), commonly referred to as Bug Detection or Bug Sweeps, involves scanning environments for radio frequency transmitters or telephone tapping devices, and with the in-depth knowledge of the limitations of these devices, they know where to begin their search.

At the Australian Bug Detection Group, we believe that you have the right to speak freely and openly within your home and or office. If you suspect that you may have been bugged, or that someone may be attempting to bug you, we can help you. Protecting your business and your vocation is a top priority, as you seek to consolidate your business, and we can provide the security that you need to do so.

Contact us today for more information on our bug detection and sweeps services, and secure your home or business.


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