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Capital City Nurses Offers a Daughter/Son Down the Street Program for Companionship

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Capital City Nurses Offers a Daughter/Son Down the Street Program for Companionship, Shaun Toomey
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Capital City Nurses is pleased to announce they offer a service called "Daughter/Son Down the Street".
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EZ Press Release  -- December 2, 2013 Bethesda, Maryland, November 27, 2013: Capital City Nurses is pleased to announce they offer a service called "Daughter/Son Down the Street". This service is designed to meet the needs of seniors who may not need medical assistance but can benefit from having someone who is like family to provide companionship for any occasion.

The holidays are approaching and those who do not have family nearby have a greater tendency to experience depression at this time of year. In fact, the National Institutes of Health indicates that approximately two million individuals age 65 and older suffer from depression. About five million suffer from minor bouts of depression, making this a serious problem. Individuals are happier when they have companionship, Capital City Nurses offers their Daughter/Son Down the Street program to help these individuals have a happier holiday season.

Dr. Vicki Rackner states, "If you are a caregiver for an elderly loved one, you may notice a change in your loved one's mood as the holidays approach. When you visit you may notice that loved ones are not as physically active, or they show symptoms of fatigue or sadness and have no interest in the holiday or in their surroundings." This Capital City Nurses program is designed to give these individuals something to look forward to this holiday season, even if their families are far away and can’t visit.

The companions who work in this program can meet with their clients at any time to give them the companionship they desire. They can go sightseeing, have lunch, play games, see a concert or any other activity the client would enjoy. Each client is assigned one companion so he or she can connect to this person on an individual level to create a familial relationship.

Anyone who would like more information on the Daughter/Son Down the Street program can find out more by visiting the Capital City Nurses website or by calling 1-866-807-7307.

About Capital City Nurses: Capital City Nurses provides in home care assistance and companionship for their clients. Their experienced nurses and certified nursing assistants are qualified to provide a variety of services, including medication management, light housekeeping, transportation, personal care and more. While their primary focus is on serving their senior clients, they can also offer post-operative care and newborn/child care. All caregivers are screened and have unblemished background checks.

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