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Clean-Tex Power Wash Now Serving Fort Worth

By: Phineas Gray
For : Clean-Tex Power Wash
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Clean-Tex Power Wash Now Serving Fort Worth, Tony Medlin
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Clean-Tex Power Wash is a mobile power washing service based out of Dallas, Texas, proudly serving the Dallas Metroplex since 1978.
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EZ Press Release  -- June 19, 2015 Clean-Tex Power Wash has been the number one mobile power washing service in the Dallas area since its inception in 1978. With 24-hour on-site mobile power washing services for large trucks and vehicles, this company guarantees quality work for those in the Dallas Metroplex area, providing fast, affordable and quality solutions to any company’s power washing needs. They have now expanded these services to include the entire Fort Worth area.

Large truck fleets offer constant visual representation of a company. This means keeping a business’s fleet looking great should be a priority. Clean-Tex Power Wash can provide businesses all around the Dallas/Fort Worth area with on-site power washing services. They can manage large to small fleets, as well as vans and trailers. Oil spills, heavy equipment and fuel island washing are also done with fast and quality work. With 24-hour service and years of experience, it’s no wonder local companies have made Clean-Tex Power Wash the top truck washing company in the area.

Clean-Tex Power Wash uses the latest technology in on-site mobile washing units. They are environmentally friendly, meeting the most stringent EPA water reclamation standards, as well as being cost friendly to customers. Clean-Tex knows keeping a company's equipment and vehicles running and clean is important and a point of company pride.

The company can work around any schedule for their customers. Clean-Tex Power Wash responds to their clients’ needs, handling even the most difficult cleaning jobs. With the state-of-the-art equipment and more than 35 years of quality service, local companies can rely on premium services for less.

Anyone who would like information on these services and their service areas can find out more by calling Clean-Tex Power Wash at 972-602-7000 or by visiting them online at

About Clean-Tex Power Wash
: Clean-Tex Power Wash is a mobile power washing service based out of Dallas, Texas, proudly serving the Dallas Metroplex since 1978. They offer a vast number of services, including mobile power washing units, oil spill cleanup and engine degreasing. From big trucks to vans and pick-up trucks, Clean-Tex Power Wash is an affordable, easy solution to anyone’s on-site power washing needs.


Company: Clean-Tex Power Wash
Contact Person : Tony Medlin
Address: P.O. Box 5522, Arlington, Texas, 76005, USA
Telephone number: 1-972-602-7000
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