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Coastline Marketing Group Announces Website Giveaway Winner

By: Phineas Gray
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Coastline Marketing Group is one of California's leading providers of search engine optimization, online marketing and website design.
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EZ Press Release  -- May 8, 2015


Coastline Marketing Group is pleased to announce they held a free website giveaway for a local Monterey area business in July 2014. They promoted this giveaway on Facebook and asked Facebook users to nominate local businesses for the prize. The winner of the contest was a local tourist information company, Salinas 411.

Coastline Marketing Group then created for the giveaway winner. Salinas 411 highlights the best to be found in Salinas, California. They provide information about the best hotels, restaurants, attractions, art and culture. The website Coastline Marketing Group designed for Salinas 411 is easy to navigate and has a responsive design for use on any device. It also matches seamlessly with their smartphone app. They have turned the website into a valuable source of information for visitors to find the best places to eat, upcoming events and outdoor adventures.

"A big 'Thank You' to Coastline Marketing Group (CMG) for donating their valuable time to the Salinas Valley 411 Project! Over the past 2 years, we have increased tourism to the area through media tours, billboards, apps, event calendar, email announcements, and more – totaling a $1.75 million return on investment," Trish Sullivan, owner of Salinas 411, stated. "Kudos to CMG for their dedication to community and public service!"

Salinas 411 has been a success. It has led to an increase in tourism for the town that has improved the local economy. Coastline Marketing Group can provide clients with a variety of services to launch a comprehensive online marketing campaign that covers everything from branding to SEO marketing so they can experience the same success as their contest winner.

Anyone interested in learning about the website giveaway or the services offered can find out more by visiting the Coastline Marketing Group website at or by calling 831-759-2273.

About Coastline Marketing Group : Coastline Marketing Group is one of California's leading providers of search engine optimization, online marketing and website design. They are a full-service marketing and design agency that can give their clients a well-rounded online marketing solution. They can give clients more return for their marketing investment with their online branding and SEO marketing services.

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