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Crushers Club is keepimg Our Youth Employed And Providing Payroll To Survive In The Crisis

By: Phineas Gray
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We see that hopeful child in all our young adult Crushers.
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EZ Press Release  -- April 24, 2020 Crushers Family

We miss all our Crushers staff and youth - and they are missing the Club too!  We are hoping to reopen soon and praying everyone stays safe and healthy., especially with 2 of our Crushers shot last week in the middle of the day (see story below). We are continuing to keep all our youth employed and providing payroll so they can better survive the crisis and help their families.

Keeping Crushers Strong!
Family, supporters and team work keep our Crushers strong.. We applied for a Pay Roll Forgiveness Loan and are seeking support to keep our commitment to keep our youth employed and strong!

A job is a rock in a storm. Thank you to all our supporters - your dollars save lives!
If you haven't donated yet please consider supporting our Crushers, every dollar makes a difference!

Donate Here

Ivry - Back From School and Ready to Work!

Veteran Crusher Ivry came home early from college and is finishing up his studies online. Every summer he gives back by mentoring and training at Crushers. We can't wait to have him back as soon as we reopen!

Gun Violence

During the shut down 2 of our young Crushers were shot at 3:30 pm, a time when normally they would have been working at the Club. Thankfully they both survived. We are providing the families support  including groceries and a game system for one of the wounded to help get through his recovery at home.  

We see that hopeful child in all our young adult Crushers. Some of our former youth have reached out in need of help. A little money for food and necessities goes a long way to preventing a young adult from slipping back into crime during a crisis. Once a Crusher always a Crusher.


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