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Ducted Gas Heating for Marquees

By: Phineas Gray
For : Harts Party Hire
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Harts Party Hire conducted some tests and found the ducted heating units to be very effective.
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EZ Press Release  -- June 3, 2015 Heating is a major concern for anyone organising an event during the Melbourne winter, but it is particularly worrying for those hoping to host a lot of people in a marquee environment. Fortunately, Harts Party Hire has a great, cost effective solution in the form of their gas ducted heating units.

Few things disrupt a marquee event more than a cold, blustery or rainy winter day. Cold guests are rarely happy guests and all your preparation may be in vain if they leave early. Fortunately, an effective heating system may well be the saviour of your special occasion, keeping guests warm and comfortable.

The powerful unit can heat a marquee up to 300m², dependent on ambient temperature and the sizes of openings. The system is largely external, with the heated air pumped into the marquee via ducts and an internal thermostat that allows you to easily adjust the temperature.

Harts Party Hire
conducted some tests and found the ducted heating units to be very effective. In addition to heating a large space, the unit only used two 45kg gas bottle in a period of 40 hours when running constantly. Thermostat control will likely decrease gas use further, ensuring maximum heat at minimum cost.

Better still, the heating units are very affordable. The rental cost is only $390 - a small price to pay for the comfort of your guests and a successful event. If you have a winter event to organise and consider warmth to be of paramount concern, get in touch with Harts for an event that is as hot as it is successful.


Company : Harts Party Hire
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