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Dunn-Wright Remodeling, Inc. Celebrates 28th Anniversary

By: Phineas Gray
For : Dunn Wright Remodeling
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Dunn-Wright is licensed, insured, and bonded, as well as offering a 5 year warranty on labor completed.
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EZ Press Release  -- June 15, 2017 Dunn-Wright Remodeling, Inc. has announced that they are currently celebrating the growth of their company during their 28th anniversary in the remodeling industry. For Dunn-Wright Remodeling, Inc. this will mark the evolution of a small scale company into a remodeling firm that services a 30-mile wide radius in and around the area of San Antonio, Texas.

Founded locally in 1989, Dunn-Wright Remodeling, Inc., a San Antonio Remodeler, has announced that they are currently celebrating 28 years in the business. This celebration marks their evolution within the remodeling industry, from the late 1980's when orders were placed on paper or by telephone, to the now well-known conveniences of the internet, and other modern day tools and equipment.

Representatives of the company have expressed that whatever the remodel needs of their clientele, they are able to customize work accordingly. Dunn-Wright Remodeling, Inc. has reached out to customers stating:

"From kitchen remodeling to room additions, Dunn-Wright is here for your remodeling needs. Call today to set up an appointment for an estimate."

This San Antonio Remodeler has been known to provide services at a varying range of techniques and licensures, and leaders within the company have explained through their web page that each specialist working within their firm is certified in his or her specific profession, suggesting that clients won't be receiving subpar work from under qualified handymen.

The Services offered have evolved with the company. The listing of services given by the company includes small repair work, complete room remodels, restoration, and upgrades.

Dunn-Wright Remodeling has extended further information through contact, saying:

"You can also view our website to view previous work that we have done."

The website depicts a number of photographs of previous jobs completed in and around San Antonio, as well as a list on their "About" page, explaining some of the work that has been completed commercially, and where each project took place.

Also included on their webpage is an idea of pricing, which varies within the business, giving figures ranging anywhere around $250 to $250,000 (and up) depending on the project being taken on. A more accurate price point can be reached by contacting a Dunn-Wright representative for a full estimate on costs and the time that each task will take to complete. Keep in mind that figures may also be based on the number of workers needed per job, as well as the materials that must be ordered for completion.

Dunn-Wright is licensed, insured, and bonded, as well as offering a 5 year warranty on labor completed. They cover any alterations being made within new or older homes to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms within the house. The San Antonio Remodeler provides services suited to commercial properties as well, such as painting, renovations, and full remodels.

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Company : Dunn Wright Remodeling
Contact : Jeff Stief
Address : 1315 Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone : 210-821-6000
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