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Geo-Filter Introduces New Snapchat Service

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Anyone interested in Geo-Filter.comís services can contact them by emailing or by visiting their official website.
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EZ Press Release  -- May 17, 2016 Inspired by the advent of Snapchat and other, similar smartphone apps, is pleased to announce its debut within the digital marketing and graphic design industry. Geo-Filter’s business model aims toward creating custom geofilters for Snapchat users catered specifically to a variety of events, organizations and locations.

This idea for such a service came as a result of Geo-Filter’s creators noticing the reach Snapchat currently has across today’s smartphone users, as well as the popularity of the app’s already existing filters. Snapchat already offers an ample selection of geofilters for users to choose from, but have yet to include every event or location on Earth. This gap is where Geo-Filter’s services come in. The service is meant to help people more easily customize their selection of geofilters. Users can either commission custom geofilters from or use’s services to create geofilters of their own. Additionally, users will need no prior experience with graphic design to make use of what has to offer.

No matter what kind of event a client is participating in or where they are in the world, they can rely on to provide them with the ability to enjoyably brand their experience with a custom filter and increase their presence on social media.

Anyone interested in’s services can contact them by emailing or by visiting their official website.

About is a graphic design business with a unique angle. Inspired by the rise of Snapchat within the social media world,’s aim is to help Snapchat users enjoy a wider, more customized variety of geofilters to document their experiences in a unique and enjoyable way.

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