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BRIGHTSIDE Clinic has been right there alongside so many throughout Northern Illinois during this difficult time despite resources drying up across the nation.
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EZ Press Release  -- November 18, 2020

Northern Illinois BRIGHTSIDE Clinic turns the tide on traditional treatment

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, but for many battling addictions, the light at the end of the tunnel has been hard to find. BRIGHTSIDE Clinic has been right there alongside so many throughout Northern Illinois during this difficult time despite resources drying up across the nation. BRIGHTSIDE has a highly trained, professional team to administer and monitor the proven recovery method of Suboxone Treatment to assist those battling addictions in their path to recovery.

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, half of substance abuse disorder organizations surveyed reported an increase in demand over the past three months alone. But the same report shows an even bigger increase in programs that have had to either close their doors completely or turn patients away. And in a recent report released by the American Medical Association, over 40 states have reported increases in opioid overdoses during the pandemic, including Illinois.

“Substance abuse has grown considerably worse during the pandemic. So many are isolated, let go from their jobs, there is fear, anxiety, boredom, stress, financial stressors, a tragic recipe leading to the use of substances and development of addiction,” says Dr. David Kushner, medical director of BRIGHTSIDE Clinic. “At BRIGHTSIDE, we continue to see patients at all costs as we have done throughout the pandemic,” adds Kushner.

Not only has the patient intake increased but their ability to meet the patient where they are may be the key in treating addiction.

“We are immediate access and offer the quickest start on the road to recovery. At many centers you are waitlisted, by the time space becomes available, relapse may have already occurred, or a patient may have lost their drive to remain in recovery. BRIGHTSIDE is aware that they must get them in the door within 24 hours and begin treatment before this occurs. For opioid sufferers, upon arrival we prescribe a medication that blocks the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. They can often go back to work the next day without missing a beat and then we can start talking about relapse prevention,” says Kushner.

“For so many what is stopping them from seeking treatment is that they think their only option is to go away for 30 plus days, but that may not be the case. We can see you in the office for a regular doctor’s appointment and then you can go back to your daily life. Don’t get me wrong, the road to recovery is long and they will probably be with us for a while, but we are here to keep them in treatment and to save lives,” Kushner adds.

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, please seek immediate professional help. BRIGHTSIDE Clinic is here to help, day or night, for more information, please call us at 224-205-7863.

About BRIGHTSIDE, a Local Suboxone Clinic:

With six locations throughout Northern Illinois, BRIGHTSIDE Clinic has been treating those affected by opioid addiction since 2015. Their highly effective customized programs of therapy and counseling combined with medically assisted treatment (MAT) including Suboxone Treatment, eliminates withdrawal symptoms and cravings to help people regain control of their life. BRIGHTSIDE is a recognized leader in medically assisted treatment options including Suboxone, excels at providing personalized care and recovery. BRIGHTSIDE has a number of Suboxone Doctors to assist patients with their recovery process.

Interviews Available:

Phil Atteberry: Co-Founder/CEO

Dr. David Kushner, DO, FACP: Medical Director

Phil Atteberry Bio:

As the Chief Executive Officer of BRIGHTSIDE Clinic, Phil is helping to change the way individuals are treated for heroin and prescription pain medicine addiction by implementing a culture that eliminates shame from treatment. In addition, he is the board chairman for Live4Lali, an organization focused on getting needed legislation, treatment, and resources to those suffering from opioid substance use disorder. Phil received his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and is a graduate of University of Chicago’s Book School of Management.

David Kushner Bio:

Dr. David Kushner is the Medical Director at BRIGHTSIDE Clinic where he has treated hundreds of patients with Opioid Use Disorder. Board certified in Addiction Medicine, Dr. Kushner is known for his cutting edge, patient-centered, collaborative approach in addressing this challenging, yet treatable condition. Dr. Kushner received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, medical degree from Midwestern University and is a graduate of the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program.

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