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Ideas Unlimited Crosses 300 Customers

By: Phineas Gray
For : Ideas Unlimited
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Ideas Unlimited is pleased to announce they have completed work on nearly a thousand jobs for 300 customers over the last three years.
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EZ Press Release  -- January 22, 2014 Rosemount, Minnesota: Ideas Unlimited is pleased to announce they have completed work on nearly a thousand jobs for 300 customers over the last three years. About 10 of those have been 24/7 customer support jobs, which require additional resources. They are currently working on four of these projects.

Businesses of all sizes don’t always have the resources or ability to handle all their customer service needs. Ideas Unlimited takes great pride in offering their clients the customer service solutions they require to provide their own customers with the highest level of service possible. They work with each company, helping them choose the right options to meet their needs so they can handle other aspects of their business. Ideas Unlimited can provide businesses with services, including a 24/7 call center, virtual assistants, back-end support, and transcription and translation services.

Ideas Unlimited proudly provides their clients with the customized solutions they need to ensure they can best serve their own customers. In addition to choosing their own services, clients can even choose the voice that will be their voice in any recordings, helping them even further customize their options.

Anyone who would like more information on the various services this company can provide can learn more by visiting the Ideas Unlimited website or by calling their representatives at 1-888-765-8775.

About Ideas Unlimited: Ideas Unlimited is a one-stop business services provider that started in 2010 as a small call center. They also handled small customer support tasks as well. Over the next couple of years, the company has grown to serve even more companies, completing more than a thousand projects for 300 companies during their time in business. They offer a long list of services to their clients, allowing each client to customize their solution for the best impact on their business.

Ideas Unlimited - Ideas Unlimited strives to provide cost effective services to meet all of our clients business needs. We offer 24/7 customer support, call center support, backend admin support, virtual business support and many other services.

Ideas Unlimited

Ideas Unlimited

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