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Jackson & MacNichol Available for Appealing VA Disability Claims

By: Phineas Gray
For : Jackson & MacNichol
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Jackson & MacNichol is pleased to announce the firm is available to assist clients with appealing Veteran Affairs disability claims.
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EZ Press Release  -- September 1, 2017 South Portland, Maine: Jackson & MacNichol is pleased to announce the firm is available to assist clients with appealing Veteran Affairs disability claims to help them receive all the benefits they have earned. While the disability process is long and arduous, the attorneys at the firm are highly experienced and trained in this realm and fight tirelessly to help veterans properly appeal disability denials.

If a veteran doesn’t agree with a denial, he or she can visit the law office to have a Notice of Disagreement filed. Once the VA receives the notice, the veteran will usually be given a choice to either have a Decision Review Officer evaluate the case or the claim can be taken to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in the local jurisdiction or in Washington, D.C.

While the attorneys usually suggest the Decision Review Officer, the client will be provided with all pertinent information to make an informed decision. If a client decides to go to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and is denied again, it can then be taken up to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and as high as the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Regardless of which route individuals choose, the attorneys at Jackson & MacNichol will provide the VA with all needed documentation, file all paperwork and stay on the case every step of the way.

For more information about the firm and their services, visit the website at Jackson & MacNichol or call 1-800-524-3339.

About Jackson &  MacNichol: Jackson & MacNichol is a law practice that specializes in assisting veterans with their disability claims appeals. The expert lawyers are available to assist veterans who have suffered various physical and/or emotional trauma as a result of service. Once a veteran has been denied the claim, the firm is ready to jump into action by filing the necessary paperwork, providing all needed documentation and assessing the case to determine the best route to take the appeal. Above all, the client and his or her needs will take top priority as the firm offers guidance and low attorney’s fees.

Company: Jackson & MacNichol
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