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KCA Services Hires New Air Conditioning Specialist

By: Phineas Gray
For : Kendall County Air
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KCA Services is excited to announce a new addition to their team! John Craven has joined as KCA's newest Comfort Specialist.
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EZ Press Release  -- November 23, 2017 KCA Services is excited to announce a new addition to their team! John Craven has joined as KCA's  newest Comfort Specialist. John is an El Paso native, but studied mechanical engineering at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

While at UTSA, Craven, was the president of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). He studied the design, engineering, and aerodynamics of what contributes to heating and cooling a room. "There is just so much that goes into it," Craven says. "We even went to the AT&T Center, where the Spurs play and analyzed it. [Did} you know there is ice underneath the court? Yep, they just put a layer of insulation and then the court on top of it. It's crazy. That's what interests me: everything that goes into keeping something a certain temperature". Craven is experienced in a range of design from a scope of sizes ranging from as big as a manufacturing plant down to residential properties. He looks forward to implementing his learning in his new position with KCA.

Aside from ASHRAE, Craven also participated in something a little more philanthropic. "The project was called MonoMano Cycling Adaptive Technologies," Craven states. The project, whose name plays on the term "one-hand," designed and built custom bicycle handlebars that replaced conventional handlebars to promote stability, safety, efficiency, and usability for anyone who does not operate a bicycle with two hands.

Looking at the technical aspect, Craven has about 10 years of HVAC experience under his belt. He is eager to get to work. When asked what excites him about the position, he states, "KCA gives me the opportunity to create my own success. I feel like there is such a support system within the company."


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