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Kassab Law Firm Brings Experience In Handling Various Malpractice Cases

By: Phineas Gray
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Kass ab Law Firm is pleased to announce their experienced lawyers specialize in handling a wide variety of malpractice cases.
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EZ Press Release  -- November 8, 2016 Houston, Texas: Kassab Law Firm is pleased to announce their experienced lawyers specialize in handling a wide variety of malpractice cases. The Houston, Texas boutique law firm represents individuals and corporations across the United States to resolve their legal matters.

The law firm sues lawyers who have not acted in the best interests of their clients. Whether a lawyer failed to represent a client properly in a medical suit, personal injury case, intellectual property case, business transaction or another legal matter, the lawyers at Kassab Law Firm will help to recover lost money and alleviate damages incurred.

Before determining whether legal malpractice is warranted, it’s important to understand the legal definition. At its essence, it is described as a lawyer acting in a negligent matter and can occur in any area of the law. Legal malpractice can take on the form of gross negligence, simple negligence, negligence per se, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Lawyers can damage clients by either not conducting discovery or failing to respond to it in a timely manner, missing a pertinent statute of limitation, overriding the client’s best interests by placing more emphasis on the lawyer’s interests or including errors in legal documents. They strongly believe every client deserves justice when they have been mistreated by a lawyer.

For more information about the firm and their services, visit the website at Kassab Law Firm or call 1-713-522-7400.

About Kassab Law Firm: Kassab Law Firm specializes in handling an assortment of legal malpractice cases to resolve the wrongdoing and mistakes of clients’ previous attorneys. The Houston, Texas, law firm has an abundance of experience suing lawyers to get clients what they deserve. Kassab Law Firm works with clients who have suffered gross negligence, simple negligence, fraud and more involving personal injury cases, business transactions, intellectual property cases and other legal matters. Founded by Lance Christopher Kassab, the experienced attorney has handled more than 200 malpractice claims and works hard to get clients what they deserve.


The Kassab Law Firm

The Kassab Law Firm

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