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Lets Create Your World Offers Design Your Destiny Program

By: Phineas Gray
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Lets Create Your World and life coach, Zahra Borja, are now offering the new program Design your destiny.
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EZ Press Release  -- May 29, 2019 Let's Create Your World and life coach, Zahra Borja, are now offering the new program "Design your destiny". The program is designed to aid individuals go beyond where they currently are in their lives by stepping outside the realm of their patterns and stretching their comfort zone. “Design Your Destiny” is founded on the belief that everyone has all the resources necessary to create whatever they want.

The program is broken down into four phases: Exploration, Deprograming, Rewiring and thriving.

With mutual trust and unwavering understanding, Zahra's clients will get to create workable ways to reestablish the road towards self-awareness and self-improvement.

Going through the four phases the individual will find what has been holding them back from their desires and dreams.

"Design your destiny" is all about knocking down barriers and building a balanced life.

As a motivational speaker and life coach, Zahra's s goal is to touch as many lives as possible and help them discover their full potential.

For more information on Borja, Let's Create Your World or the new "Design Your Destiny" program, visit Let's Create Your World on their website.

About Let's Create Your World : Let's Create Your World is the creation of Zahra Borja, who is an ICF certified executive life coach who dedicates herself to helping others change not only their outlook on life, but also their destinies. By offering several programs catered to individual needs, she instills the tools to change each aspect of life and open new possibilities to her clients.


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