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Local School Aid Students with Learning Disabilities who are “Falling Through the Cracks”

By: Phineas Gray
For : Academy of St. Louis
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Local School Aid Students with Learning Disabilities who are “Falling Through the Cracks”, Academy of St. Louis
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The Academy of St. Louis is currently accepting applications for the January 2020 semester.
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE…but many times you feel that way.

Having a child with a learning disability or developmental delay can at times be frustrating, exasperating, wearisome and lonely. All the things in life that were once so simple like grocery shopping, eating out at your favorite restaurant or visiting quietly with friends, all seem like a vague memory. Now you find yourself making excuses for your child’s inappropriate social behaviors, driving all over the county for special services and your bonding moments with your child is time hunkered down at the kitchen table studying for hours for a test that returns with a bright, red “D” or “F.” Sound familiar?? Well really, you are not alone!

Today 4 out of 10 students have been diagnosed with a learning disability or developmental delays. Learning disabilities are a general set of disorders that can affect a person’s ability in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and mathematics. According to the Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CCLD), a coalition of national organizations within the learning disabilities community, LD is defined as “a neurobiological disorder in which a person’s brain works or is structured differently.” Because of these differences, many students diagnosed with LD are “falling through the cracks” in our educational system.

As a result of their disability or developmental delay, many students struggle in traditional classroom settings as they simply have a different style of learning and many times have attention and distractibility problems. They find themselves socially inappropriate and awkward in school, making it difficult to make friends, leaving them lonely and with low self-esteem. The Academy of St. Louis was founded to serve students who otherwise" fall through the cracks. "

The Academy of St. Louis located in Chesterfield, serves students Kindergarten through 12th grade and is the only fully accredited, private, faith-based school for students with learning challenges. Many times, students need support through high school. The Academy offers curriculum through 12th grade. Executive Director, Terri O’Daniel explains the Academy is, “Designed to address your child’s academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs. The Academy also aids in the transition process from the Academy to a community college, university, trade school, employment or volunteer placement. "This is the true measure of our success; providing each student with the necessary tools to succeed in life."

The Academy understands a parent’s worst fear is the future of their special needs child. What will happen after graduation? Will my child ever live independently and have a future outside of our home? At the Academy of St. Louis, we provide the resources and knowledge to plan for a successful transition your child.

Additionally, the hallmark features offered by the Academy include experiential learning, average 3 to 1 student- to- teacher ratio, certified, special education teachers, hands-on, experiential field trips, service projects, leadership opportunities at every grade level, art, gym, drama productions, individual academic, social and functional curriculum for every student. The Academy’s environment is safe and predictable, providing Chromebooks and work stations to enhance organizational skills. Classrooms are spacious, bright and conducive for optimal learning.

The Academy of St. Louis is fully accredited by AdvancEd NCA CASI. AdvancEd NCA CASI provides nationally-recognized accreditation, the purpose of which is continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance. To earn accreditation, schools must meet NCA CASI's high standards, be evaluated by a team of professionals from outside the school, and implement a continuous process of school improvement. "Accreditation demonstrates to our students, parents, and community that we are focused on raising student achievement, providing a safe and enriching learning environment, and maintaining an efficient and effective operation staffed by highly qualified educators," stated Principal Tom Daly.

Dr. Mark Elgart, President/CEO of AdvancED, the parent organization of NCA CASI, stated, "NCA CASI Accreditation is a rigorous process that focuses the entire school on the primary goal of creating lifelong learners. The Academy of St. Louis is to be commended for engaging in this process and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement."

"The Academy of St. Louis serves a tremendous need in our St. Louis Community and the surrounding areas", explains Colleen Dolnick , Family Resource & Education Specialist at SSM Cardinal Glennon Knights of Columbus Developmental Center . "This extraordinary, faith-based school provides children with disabilities the support of a small classroom where teachers take the time to get to know each child's strengths, hopes and desires for the future. The Academy of St. Louis provides an untraditional, academic setting, providing students with the tools necessary to flourish and grow to their highest God given potential. It is truly an answer to prayer for many families who have had to fight tooth and nail to get services for their child, and too often been told there is something "wrong" with their child. The Academy of St. Louis is a place that builds up each student’s self- esteem where children are reminded they are a child of God created in his perfect image."

It is a difficult and sometimes painful experience for parents to realize their child learns differently than other children and may need an alternative educational environment. Once, however this process of acceptance is complete, most parents realize their greatest gift to their child is accepting them for who they are and providing them with an academic setting where they can thrive and grow into an understanding of themselves and how they learn.

"Your child is not destined for failure, "affirms Terri O'Daniel, Executive Director "…your child's hope is in you, his parents, accepting him for his strengths and challenges; providing him with an academic environment which guides him in overcoming academic and social challenges while building self-confidence and ability to transition into society as a productive, healthy adult."

The Academy of St. Louis aids each student in reaching their highest potential. "Every child is born with significant potential in life to succeed," states O'Daniel. "This is what we believe…fulfilling this mission is our commitment to our students and their families.

The Academy of St. Louis is currently accepting applications for the January 2020 semester. Call now for a school visit at 636-534-5099 of for info visit www.acadstlorg.

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