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Marriage Couples Counseling Offers Narrative Therapy

By: Phineas Gray
For : Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching
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The counselors help couples break away from the single-story track they often become accustomed to when dealing with problems.
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EZ Press Release  -- December 30, 2016 New York, New York, December 28, 2016: Marriage Couples Counseling is pleased to announce the practice offers narrative therapy for couples. This innovative approach enables professional counselors to help couples tap into the subconscious, including unmaterialized stories, hidden strengths, resources and powers to resolve issues. 

Drawing on insight from “A Different Story: The Rise of Narrative in Psychotherapy," the counselors help couples break away from the single-story track they often become accustomed to when dealing with problems. Viewing these issues as a story with a main plot allows all parties involved to understand the multiple factors, or storylines, that play into the larger incident.

By exploring outside experiences, couples can gain greater clarity, knowledge, truth and understanding into their own stories for an improved sense of well-being and enhanced authenticity for stronger relationships. Therefore, narrative therapists must be curious about and value a couple’s unique experiences to fully take advantage of therapy.

These therapists help couples look past their own restrictive stories, which inhibit relationships and well-being, by asking questions. These questions cause individuals to be skeptical of cultural forces to break them out of these culturally conditioned mindsets. The idea is to make sure the individuals are truly speaking for themselves. Once couples move away from these indoctrinated feelings, they can help each other develop new identities and experiences to build on positive adventures together.

For more information about the practice and their services, visit the website at Marriage Couples Counseling or call 1-646-759-0300.

About Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching: Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching is a practice consisting of a group of highly trained and experienced marriage and family therapists, life coaches, social workers and a consulting psychiatrist. Through their extensive knowledge, they can provide marriage counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, premarital counseling, relationship breakup advice and much more. The practice provides an open atmosphere to foster a variety of enhanced relationships and individual well-being.


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