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MedMark Media Releases Next Generation of Dental Marketing

By: Phineas Gray
For : Medmark, LLC
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MedMark Media is starting 2018 off with a huge announcement. Lisa Moler, CEO and Founder, is releasing the next generation in dental marketing for manufacturers, solution providers and dental professionals.
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EZ Press Release  -- January 5, 2018 MedMark Media is starting 2018 off with a huge announcement. Lisa Moler, CEO and Founder, is releasing the next generation in dental marketing for manufacturers, solution providers and dental professionals.  

Ms. Moler’s complete rebranding of MedMark Media mid-last year was step one to this new program designed to increase the awareness through both print and digital equality. Ms. Moler also released a video series called Doc Talk Dental, in which she interviews known dental professionals on behalf of the manufacturers. These videos are used as online marketing to help bring in targeted customers, which is just one more example of Ms. Moler’s position on the cutting edge of advertising in the industry.

Primarily known as a print publishing company for more than 13 years within the dental industry, Ms. Moler’s ability to incorporate cutting-edge digital implementations has kept her company thriving in an industry where most others are struggling.

Today, Ms. Moler is announcing the next generation in dental marketing. Her integrated marketing strategy (IMS) is designed to tie together all aspects of marketing, starting with a branding  strategy, website, search marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, online ads and email marketing and then tying in marketing materials, print advertising, trade shows and special events. She has created a division of experts within her company who will create and manage all of these areas and show real-time results while she pushes the dental industry into cutting-edge marketing strategies, delivering visibility and accountability marketing.

Ms. Moler has, in one swoop, eliminated multiple vendor chaos, as well as the mystery of what is actually achieved within companies’ marketing budgets. Visibility, clarity and transparency are the cornerstones of this new marketing program. All of these components are what will give her clients the highest ROI possible.

Lisa Moler states, “I have been in this industry for well over 30 years. The common goal of all of my clients is to acquire new clients. The need for marketing that is powerful and that produces results is critical to their success. Hearing story after story of digital failures and lost money within this industry led to a personal mission of mine to find a way to protect and push forward the industry that I love. As a woman of action rather than words, I invested a tremendous amount of money to bring this industry marketing programs that will strengthen my client’s digital footprints, tie together with their print efforts, and offer our staff “on demand” to become part of their company, rather than having an outside vendor looking through the window of their business. I am vested in each and every one of my client’s marketing campaigns, and have implemented a real-time dashboard of reporting so together, we can create the most accountable campaigns, and make the most powerful marketing programs come to life. “
The MedMark Media slogan says it all: Connect. Be Seen. Grow. Succeed.

Anyone interested in learning about this next generation of dental marketing can find out more by visiting the MedMark Media website or by calling 1-866-579-9496.

About MedMark Media : MedMark Media is a full-service dental marketing firm that specializes in reaching manufacturers and solution providers, as well as providing dental professionals ce credits, and valuable latest trend techniques to implement immediately in their practices. They work hard to stay on the cutting-edge of marketing strategies to give their clients the best chance of a successful marketing campaign. They focus on highly targeted marketing to effectively reach the right audience.


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