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Modern Era Warriors Reality-Based Self-Defense and Fitness Programs

By: Phineas Gray
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Modern Era Warriors’ Commando Krav Maga program is a reality-based self-defense system, not a traditional or sport-based martial art.
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EZ Press Release  -- January 17, 2018

Modern Era Warriors has created reality based self-defense and fitness programs with the goal of making you the strongest, safest version of yourself. Their classes are designed to prepare any individual for real life combat in the shortest time possible. They incorporate Commando Krav Maga, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, NRA firearms and shooting courses, functional fitness, and nutrition into a revolutionary experience like no other.

Modern Era Warriors’ Commando Krav Maga program is a reality-based self-defense system, not a traditional or sport-based martial art. There are no competitions, rules, or regulations. Instead, Commando Krav Maga is designed with the primary goal of survival. With a no-nonsense approach and straight forward practical techniques, concepts, principles, and philosophy, Commando Krav Maga prepares you for real combat in the shortest time possible.

Modern Era Warriors’ Gracie Jiu-Jitsu program also teaches you the most essential reality based grappling techniques in the shortest time possible. The most essential 36 basic techniques then the next top 100 plus most essential advanced techniques for self-defense in the street, not the ring! The basics and then only the next most essential advanced self-defense techniques, no sport techniques.

Modern Era Warriors also incorporates core concepts and principles of a revolutionary General Physical Preparedness “GPP” functional fitness program unlike any other for maximum results, using minimum equipment, and in minimal time! They use body weight exercises, kettlebells, sandbags, dumbbells, medicine balls, suspension trainers, and more! By combining core strengthening exercises with cardio training, using minimal equipment, in minimum time, they provide you maximum results with the ultimate total body workout in only 20 – 30 minutes a day! Not only will you notice improvements in physical strength and stamina, you will also build your confidence and mental strength with their revolutionary system.

Additionally, Modern Era Warriors offers firearms training to provide you the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and operating a pistol safely; safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and others; and surviving serious adversity. They teach firearm safety; the fundamentals of shooting; how to protect yourself and others inside and outside the home; and so much more!

Finally, Modern Era Warriors offers

Six week challenges, the beginnings of their reality based self-defense teaching the most common attacks and defenses, and an introduction to their functional fitness and nutrition programs.

24 hour challenges, over the course of two, 10 – 12 hour days, in a safe environment learn their comprehensive and modern curriculum to defend yourself from all four areas of combat: gun attacks, knife attacks, standing and ground grappling, and striking plus so much more! A lifetime of knowledge packed into two intense days.

Private intensives and private lessons.


Today, it is more important than ever for individuals to learn how to properly protect themselves in the event they are attacked. The use of reality based self-defense is practical and effective combined with functional fitness. Additionally, by adding NRA firearms and shooting courses, individuals will also be able to learn gun safety and skills necessary to effectively use firearms when the situation warrants.

Anyone interested in learning about these programs can find out more by visiting or by calling 1-732-507-9361.

Company: Modern Era Warriors

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Phone No.: 732-507-9361

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