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Moore Dentistry Inc Provides Dental Implants and Tooth Replacement

By: Timothy Harvard
For : Moore Dentistry, Inc.
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Moore Dentistry, Inc. is the leading dental office offering dental implants in Fishers, IN, that can restore a patientís smile and improve their daily life.
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EZ Press Release  -- July 2, 2015 Moore Dentistry, Inc. is the leading dental office offering dental implants in Fishers, IN, that can restore a patient’s smile and improve their daily life. When multiple teeth are missing, it can cause damaging shifts in a patient’s mouth, affecting self-confidence and hindering eating and speaking. Dental implants can halt degradation to surrounding teeth and restore a person’s confidence. Moore Dentistry, Inc. can even provide tooth replacement for patients who have lost or had to remove a vital tooth or molar.

The loss of teeth can affect people of many ages, and it can take a toll on a patient’s everyday life with a loss of the ability to eat or feeling self-conscious about the missing teeth. Dental implant surgery can be a permanent option for the right patient that will give them more freedom than dentures. Dental implant surgery can even be utilized during a tooth replacement after having a single tooth removed.

Dental Implants are not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Each implant may have to consider a set of specific factors. The dental team at Moore Dentistry, Inc. is highly knowable and offers the best in personalized dental care so every patient gets exactly what they need.

Anyone interested in learning about dental implants or other tooth replacement options in Fishers, IN, can find out more by visiting the Moore Dentistry, Inc. website at or by calling 317-348-1354.

About Moore Dentistry, Inc.: Moore Dentistry, Inc. offers patients comprehensive dental service for all general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. All procedures are performed in their state-of-the-art dental clinic by their team of welcoming and experienced dental professionals. Their goal is to help patients maintain or restore a healthy, beautiful smile.

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