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N2 Biomedical Introduces New Osseo Integration Solutions for Spinal and Orthopedic Implants

By: Phineas Gray
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Distinguished  coating and surface treatment specialist N2 Biomedical has just introduced nanotextured and mesoporous coating solutions for their clients.
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EZ Press Release  -- February 28, 2017 Distinguished  coating and surface treatment specialist N2 Biomedical has just introduced nanotextured and mesoporous coating solutions for their clients. The company’s new products OsseoArray™ and OsseoPEEK™ are tailor-made for spinal and orthopedic implants.

N2 Biomedical, a highly preferred provider of coating and surface treatment services, has kick-started the year 2017 with the formal launch of two more high-quality products. With the  introduction of new products OsseoArray™ and OsseoPEEK™, N2 Biomedical has now started offering nanotextured and mesoporous coating solutions suitable particularly for spinal and orthopedic implants. A market leader in surface engineering services for more than three decades, N2 Biomedical has been instrumental in improving the performance and functionality of several orthopedic, dental, cardiovascular, and other products.

Previously known as Spire Biomedical, N2 Biomedical has a long tradition of delivering top rated service to the medical device industry. They are an innovator in ion beam technology, and currently engaged in the processing of over 500,000 medical devices per year for leading orthopedic, cardiovascular and dental companies.

N2 Biomedical clams that their new OsseoArray™ coating will help enhance several key surface properties of the implant, including osseo-induction, osseo- integration, and antimicrobial barrier. This, in turn, will significantly reduce the probability of infection. Utilizing this surface treatment technology, the OEMs in spinal and orthopedic industries will be able to integrate nanotechnologies to their existing technological platforms in a more cost-efficient manner.

The new OsseoPEEK™ Mesoporous TiO2 coating from N2 Biomedical will be useful for applications that require a higher degree of surface texturing. Compared to the company’s PEEKGuard™ coatings, this new product will allow improved surface texturing in the 1 to 50nm range. The relatively larger surface area of the mesoporous structure can be used as a medium to deliver biologics and drugs from the surface of the implant, and for preferential osteoblast differentiation. Available in different colors, OsseoPEEK™ mesoporous coatings are also suitable for product differentiation.
Over the years, N2 Biomedical has remained committed to customer-centric research and development activities to develop new and innovative surface treatment technologies. The company’s team of scientists has been associated with several cutting edge multi-disciplinary research funded by various US government agencies.  

Talking about the launch of the company’s new products, a senior spokesperson from N2 Biomedical said, “ Our entire team has worked hard for months to develop these two high quality products, and we are extremely happy to introduce them as per schedule. Please visit our website to find out how the OsseoArray™ and OsseoPEEK™ coatings will enhance your spinal and orthopedic implants.”

To find out more about N2 Biomedical and their surface engineering services, please visit

About N2 Biomedical: N2 Biomedical is a market leader in delivering coating and surface treatment services to different orthopedic, dental, cardiovascular, and other products. Prior to becoming a privately-held entity via an acquisition by the executive management team in September of 2013, N2 Biomedical operated under the name Spire Biomedical Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spire Corporation. The company currently processes over 500,000 medical devices per year.

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