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Regardless of your business situation, Corporate House has an office solution for you.
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EZ Press Release  -- June 3, 2015 The business world is far from static. Companies are constantly evolving, growing or restructuring and it is important that your office provider is flexible enough to accommodate the inevitable changes. Corporate House is dedicated to providing a range of options developed especially to help businesses succeed, whatever direction they are taking.

Shared and serviced commercial offices are becoming increasingly common and have many advantages over their traditional equivalents. The traditional office model had fixed dimensions and long-term contracts, whereas the flexibility of Corporate House allows for space that expands or compresses with your business and offers short leases that are invaluable for start-ups or businesses undergoing rapid transformation.

Sharing office space is a great way to keep overheads down. When the various amenities, facilities and utilities are split multiple ways, you make significant savings. With a shared office, for example, you don’t pay for permanent use of a boardroom that you use perhaps once a week. A communal environment can also be beneficial to the output and productivity of staff as it encourages collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Other businesses are turning to virtual office spaces, from which they can run their business remotely, while retaining the essentials that a physical office provides. In the digital age, many companies are finding that they can achieve as much, or more, working remotely and want to save on the costs associated with offices. They still, however, generally require a business address, phone number, meeting facilities and receptionist. Corporate House provides all these features and more, helping businesses attain freedom, but retain professionalism.

Regardless of your business situation, Corporate House has an office solution for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business move in the right direction.

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Company Name : Corporate House
Contact : Ann Summers
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