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Pharm Candy Launches New Products and Gives Back 10 Percent of All Proceeds

By: Phineas Gray
For : Pharm Candy
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Pharm Candy is the best online source to find prescription grade, all-natural supplements for weight loss and increasing energy.
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EZ Press Release  -- May 6, 2015 Pharm Candy is pleased to announce they are releasing a new line of Generation-4 products, including Anaburn-5 and Revabol-1. Anaburn-5 is a premier weight-loss supplement that offers a triple threat system of losing weight. Anaburn-5 will: boost metabolism, reduce hunger and incinerate fat cells using ingredients that are proven to work in one powerful new formula. Revabol-1 is a great alternative to energy drinks and at a fraction of the cost. Revabol-1: increases mental clarity, focus, energy and drive. These products were designed for the millions of American’s suffering from obesity and lack of energy. These products are great when taken as pre-workout stimulates or as needed for everyday life.

These products are 100 percent natural, safe and without fillers, dyes or chemicals. Because of the natural qualities of their weight loss and fat burning products, individuals can expect real results that last without any damaging side-effects. Pharm Candy’s mission was designed around helping individuals: lose weight, increase energy, enhance focus and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

In addition to these new products, they take great pride in giving back to the community. To accomplish this, they donate 10 percent of all of their net-profits to charitable organizations that build wells, schools and hospitals and fight hunger. By donating a percentage of their proceeds to various charities and organizations, Pharm Candy hopes to make the world a better place for everyone. They are currently donating proceeds to a group called The Samuel Omogo Foundation. This foundation builds clean water wells for villages in Nigeria, giving women and children: clean water, food, and a better standard of living.

Anyone who would like to learn about the new products or the charity donations can find out more by visiting the Pharm Candy website at or by emailing

About Pharm Candy : Pharm Candy is the best online source to find prescription grade, all-natural supplements for weight loss and increasing energy. They are a company that holds themselves to the highest standard in the supplement industry. Pharm Candy operates under a FDA approved facility that is GMP certified.


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