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Print is not dead, it just got smarter!

By: Phineas Gray
For : Medmark, LLC
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Securing her position as an industry thought leader, MedMarkMedia’s Lisa Moler has clearly issued a challenge to all comers.
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MedMarkMediaMedia, located in Scottsdale, AZ, is living proof of the success that a publishing company can achieve. The key is that this kind of success can only be achieved through vision, passion, guts, tenacity and, most importantly, evolution.

Lisa Moler, Founder and CEO of MedMarkMedia, started her print agency in 2005 and focused on the dental industry. While many in her industry followed a “business as usual” approach, Ms. Moler set a goal from day one to constantly challenge herself, her staff, and her clients to reinvent themselves. In her mind, evolution is the key element needed to keep yourself from going extinct.

As MedMarkMedia goes into its 12th year of business, they are keeping true to form by launching a brand-new look and feel. They are evolving with their clients, as well as with the tonality of consumers both online and offline.

MedMarkMedia has not only been able to survive where other publishing companies have perished, but they have also had steady growth year after year and have already met their 2017 sales goals with 4 months still left in the year.

“How?” you ask. Simple. The company practices what Ms. Moler preaches. As Ms. Moler states,

“Success is not a stage a company achieves. It is a moment in time. It is a fickle, fragile status that can quickly jump to your competitor. To keep it within your organization, you must constantly feed it with innovation and progress.”

True to her word, Ms. Moler delivers cutting-edge marketing programs along with her dental-focused, print-based clinical journals, thus adapting and embracing the digital world as a natural extension to her print world. As she sees it, this is an obvious evolution that takes the print industry to a higher plane.

Securing her position as an industry thought leader, MedMarkMedia’s Lisa Moler has clearly issued a challenge to all comers. Does your company have what it takes to apply passion, guts, tenacity and evolution to your business, and to outpace your competitors?

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