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Sage Workspace Introduces Pizza Party Friday

By: Phineas Gray
For : Sage Workspace
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Sage Workspace is pleased to announce they are introducing Pizza Party Friday for their clients.
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EZ Press Release  -- September 2, 2016 Sage Workspace is pleased to announce they are introducing Pizza Party Friday for their clients. All individuals who rent space in their facility will be invited to this special event, which will take place on the last Friday of every month.  

Attendees will gather in the newly updated space at Sage Workspace to enjoy the opportunity to network, relax, share business ideas and have a good time. Each individual in attendance will also receive three minutes to present information about their business to everyone else and to field questions. This gives small business owners and self-employed individuals the opportunity to spread the word about their business and potentially help other people.

Sage Workspace has created the idea of Pizza Party Friday as a way for their clients to share information about their business. They are also using it as a way to promote their available workspace. They understand more people today are working from home, but sometimes need office space to work without distractions or to meet clients in a more professional environment. Their goal is to supply this space on an as-needed basis.

Anyone interested in learning about Pizza Party Friday can find out more by visiting the Sage Workspace website or by calling 1-212-683-9100.

About Sage Workspace: Sage Workspace offers office space and meeting rooms on an as-needed rental basis to local businesses. This space gives individuals who may work from home or other non-traditional locations the opportunity to interact with clients in a more professional space. They have recently updated their space to better serve the needs of their clients.

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