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Studio Three Operates Innovative Fitness Center in Downtown Chicago

By: Phineas Gray
For : Studio Three
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Owner, Caroline Seume
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Studio Three is pleased to announce they offer an innovative fitness center in downtown Chicago.
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EZ Press Release  -- August 19, 2016 Chicago, Illinois: Studio Three is pleased to announce they offer an innovative fitness center in downtown Chicago. They have incorporated the latest in fitness technology to provide guests with a world-class workout led by motivational and supportive instructors.

Studio Three is a three-level facility with each floor offering specific fitness routines that address fitness needs using a different style. Each level is dedicated to a particular style of workouts adapted to the attendee’s needs. The first level is dedicated to interval training, where highly skilled instructors provide direction for high-intensity workouts. The second level is filled with Peloton bikes and riders are inspired by live broadcasts and visuals on display. The third level is focused on yoga instruction, where each individual is encouraged to restore full mobility to their body, increase flexibility and reach their full potential.

This innovative concept is designed in order to provide a variety of workouts for individuals who can enjoy working out in one facility without having to obtain multiple memberships to meet their fitness needs.  The facility’s location in the center of River North was carefully chosen to be easily accessible to Chicago’s downtown residents, as well as commuters who travel the Loop.

Anyone interested in learning about this innovative fitness center can find out more by visiting the Studio Three website or by calling 312-944-3333.

About Studio Three: Studio Three was designed to demonstrate an innovative concept to the boutique fitness world. By incorporating three separate studios in a single facility, Studio Three is better equipped to meet the varied fitness needs of the community. The goal is to offer the community a unique and productive workout experience every time they come to the facility.


Studio Three

Studio Three

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