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Tanya Beauty Care Offers Courses for Eyebrow Feathering

By: Phineas Gray
For : Tanya Beauty Care
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One of the magnificent things about Tanya Beauty Care is that it offers a dual feature.
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EZ Press Release  -- September 11, 2019 People who would like to learn the art of microblading have a variety of courses from which to choose at Tanya Beauty Care.

One of the magnificent things about Tanya Beauty Care is that it offers a dual feature. Not only is it a studio where people can go to get permanent makeup and other services, but it is also an academy that teaches eyebrow feathering courses in Australia. As such, it’s possible to learn the popular microblading technique at a reputable school with hands-on training. When ready, students can test those skills on real women and men who want to give their eyebrows a fuller, more even appearance.

Eyebrow feathering, or microblading, helps people achieve an ultimate eyebrow that looks fluffy, full, and natural. It is a tattooing technique that uses a handheld tool to make several tiny needle punctures where pigment can be inserted into the skin. Primarily, it’s a semi-permanent way to have sleek, beautiful eyebrows.

Those with the desire to learn can find three different training sessions available. The two-day seminar is ideal for learning the art of microblading. It’s an intensive course designed to introduce people to the topic so that they can become a working artist. The hands-on course features live models where students are under the supervision of Anne and Tanya.

A combination technique is also available where students can learn about shading and microblading. This is a three-day session and features two live models, as well. Here, it’s possible to learn how to help people of all skin types. The machine and full kit are included in the price.

An advanced eyebrow feathering training in Australia is also available and takes one day to complete. It features the hair stroke and powder-fill techniques to help students achieve a natural and defined brow. This class is suitable for microblading technicians or PMU artists who desire to learn the TBC method of combining microblading and powdered brows.

Tanya Beauty Care has a variety of highly trained professionals who feature treatments, such as:

    *    Powder Brows
    *    Microfeather Brows
    *    Combination (Feather and Shading)
    *    Permanent Eye Liner
    *    Lip Colour Enhancement
    *    Carbon Laser Facial
    *    Laser Tattoo Removal
    *    Scalp/Hairline Micropigmentation

If you would like to take your career to the next level, it is time to consider eyebrow feathering training in Australia. You can contact Anne Do at or call on her at +61422684696. It is also possible to enroll in a class online via


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