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The Unique Coir Log

By: Phineas Gray
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The preservation of our water resources in Australia is serious business.
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EZ Press Release  -- September 25, 2017 The preservation of our water resources in Australia is serious business. In the world’s hottest and driest continent, we are obliged to conserve this resource to the best of our abilities, or risk running in to a punishing dry spell with no water resources available – which was the case in the late 2000s.

The provision of clear and clean water resources is one of the reasons that erosion control is such a vital aspect of our construction processes. The powers of erosion, wind and running water, can quickly strip away layers of topsoil and create siltation problems in our water supply. Preventing this is the job of the unique coir log.

A coconut-based product, coir logs are an ideal method of preventing erosion from impacting upon your work site. Suitable for embankments, roadworks, water channels in agriculture, or forest regeneration, coir logs bring a number of advantages over the traditional hay bale. For one, their lengthy construction is flexible enough for use over rough ground. They don’t degrade as quickly as hay bales do, and they won’t accidentally seed the area with weeds.

Lasting 3-5 years before breaking down, coir logs are an environmentally-friendly and efficient method of keeping erosion under control. They can even be used to host plants during their stay on your property, adding that top of aesthetic appeal. Firms such as Eco Spill can offer more information on their use and setup.


Company : Ecospill
Contact : Melissa Goff
Address : 3/17 Bult Drive, Brendale, QLD 4500
Phone : 07-3062-4504
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