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The Window Sanctuary Offers Aluminium and Timber Windows

By: Phineas Gray
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When homeowners want to upgrade the windows of their homes, The Window Sanctuary offers both timber and aluminium options.
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EZ Press Release  -- March 20, 2020 When homeowners want to upgrade the windows of their homes, The Window Sanctuary offers both timber and aluminium options.

Many homeowners decide to upgrade their homes. Often, the windows are one of the first areas to focus on because they have the potential to let in outside air. This may mean that the weather stripping is gone or that the frame no longer supports the window properly. Regardless of the reasoning, it is essential to stop the draught from coming into the home.

Homeowners often worry about the energy bill rising, especially during summer and winter. If the outside air is allowed to permeate into the house, it is going to make the HVAC system work much harder. This overtaxes the unit and can lead to premature breakdowns and other issues.

When it comes time to add new windows to the house, The Window Sanctuary is an excellent source. This company provides quick service to its customers and offers both aluminium and timber windows.

Its aluminium windows are manufactured right in the UK. Only the best materials are used, and they are made using double polyamide for the thermal break sections. This minimises the chance of condensation forming. Plus, it can help to conserve energy and retain heat to reduce energy bills.

This company’s range of aluminium windows offer better insulation, more comfort, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They are also ideal for security and look aesthetically pleasing in a variety of homes. Options can include the Smart Alitherm and Alitherm Heritage brands.

Homeowners who want a more traditional window are sure to be impressed with the timber options. Sash and casement windows are available. The company has an extensive collection. Its skilled craftsmen design sliding sash and casement windows that are authentic. Each one is made of hardwood or pine that has been specially selected.

For the timber window, a five-stage process is required by the company. This ensures continuity and protection from the elements. It also provides a variety of fittings in various finishes.

Once the window frame has been chosen, the company is also qualified to install it in the home. Its fitters are employed directly. This means it guarantees a first-class installation.

It is possible to request a free quotation by visiting the company website at Call the company at 01959 565343, email your enquiry to, or visit the showroom, which is located in Brasted.


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