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VetSpotting Now Open and Available for Veterinarian House Calls in Chicago

By: Phineas Gray
For : VetSpotting
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VetSpotting is a house call veterinary service for pets serving the Chicago area.
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EZ Press Release  -- March 29, 2018 VetSpotting is pleased to announce the company is open for business and available to make veterinarian house calls in Chicago. The company was founded on the idea pet owners and their pets deserve the convenience and best care provided by house calls.

VetSpotting is proud to offer a service that is not otherwise available to the public. Since many dog and cat owners report they and their pets experience high anxiety at the pet clinic, it can often be a negative experience that can be delayed. Additionally, traveling with a sick pet, long wait times and exposing pets to other sick animals can be major deterrents. With VetSpotting, all these negative factors are avoided when a professional veterinarian comes to the comfort of the pet’s home. Pet owners can do the things they need to, while the veterinarian takes care of the animal.

Highly-trained veterinarians serve the downtown and Northside area of Chicago and the North Shore including Lake County. The seasoned, licensed house call practitioners are caring and passionate about animals. Owners can easily make appointments via phone, email or the app.

For more information about the company and its services, visit the website at VetSpotting or call 1-312-625-2696.

About VetSpotting : VetSpotting is a house call veterinary service for pets serving the Chicago area. The company features highly-trained and experienced licensed veterinarians who are passionate about caring for and treating pets in the comfort of their home for a better, more rewarding experience. While the company is available to be a pet’s primary veterinarian, they can also be used as needed a supplemental service. VetSpotting’s priority is to keep pets healthy and happy for productive lives and improved wellbeing.


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