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Village West Veterinary Offers Complete Pet Services

By: Phineas Gray
For : Village West Veterinary
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Village West Veterinary is pleased to announce the veterinarian practice offers a full array of pet services to ensure an animalís best health and comfort.
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EZ Press Release  -- March 23, 2017 Chicago, Illinois: Village West Veterinary is pleased to announce the veterinarian practice offers a full array of pet services to ensure an animal’s best health and comfort. The practice cares for pets through every stage of their lives.

At West Village, the talented and compassionate staff offers first visits for puppies and kittens. These appointments are critical to ensuring a lifelong journey of good health for pets. During the visit, the team can detect any issues and address them as needed. Pets can also receive preventive care to protect their underdeveloped immune systems and prevent various illnesses and diseases. It’s recommended a pet should receive his first visit during the first week he enters the home.

Throughout their lives, it’s important for animals to receive regular preventive health exams. Even responsible pet owners will only bring in pets when ill, but not for regular check-ups. Routine wellness exams are needed to maintain a pet’s health to find any illnesses and conditions that may not easily be detected. A pet will receive a full physical examination from head to tail, along with various tests.

Other services offered by the practice include new adoption exams, x-rays, house call visits, vaccinations, microchip implantations, medical record reviews, oral care, surgical procedures, allergy testing, end-of-life services and more.

For more information about the practice and their services, visit the website at Village West Veterinary or call 1-773-697-7052.

About Village West Veterinary: Village West Veterinary is a “Best Practices Hospital” that specializes in providing full-service care for pets at every stage of their lives. The dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable staff is passionate about providing complete care for the health and comfort of all pets. The practice offers a wide variety of services, including first visits, wellness and preventive health exams, house calls, health screenings, immunizations and more. Village West utilizes cutting-edge technology and the latest treatments to provide the best care possible.

Company: Village West Veterinary
Address: 840 N. Western Avenue
City: Chicago
State: IL
Zip code: 60622
Telephone number: 1-773-697-7052
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Village West Veterinary

Village West Veterinary

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