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Waypoint Offers Hourly Plan Options

By: Phineas Gray
For : Waypoint Solutions Group
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Waypoint is an IT solutions company that provides a variety of services for businesses in a variety of industries.
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EZ Press Release  -- September 8, 2016 Waypoint is pleased to announce they now offer hourly plan options to provide their customers with the most customized level of service possible. This new platform allows clients to pay as they go for their daily monitoring and server management.

Waypoint understands the evolving needs of companies, especially when it comes to technology and security. This is why they work hard to make sure their products and services always reflect these changes. With the introduction of their hourly service plans, they will be putting the power back into their customers’ hands, allowing them to only pay for the services they use. This flexibility can be a valuable asset, particularly for smaller businesses that are just getting started and often have smaller budgets.

In addition to providing these new payment options for their customers, Waypoint has also introduced a number of new security features. These new security features are designed to keep up with the changing threats in the technological world and provide their customers with the protection they need to keep their businesses operational.

Anyone interested in learning about the new plans offered or the newest security features can find out more by visiting the Waypoint website or by calling 1-877-4U-EASYIT.

About Waypoint : Waypoint is an IT solutions company that provides a variety of services for businesses in a variety of industries. They offer a number of package options that allow their customers to obtain the customized IT and security solutions they need. They strive to help small businesses function while keeping operations within budget.


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