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Workwell Offers New Vending Options for Businesses

By: Phineas Gray
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Work well is pleased to announce they are offering new vending options for businesses.
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EZ Press Release  -- June 7, 2016 Chicago, Illinois: Workwell is pleased to announce they are offering new vending options for businesses. Rather than the typical junk food found in these machines, they have worked hard to put together an array of healthier options to encourage better eating habits in the workplace.

Workwell vending machines allow companies to fully customize their offerings based on their corporate culture and what their employees expect. While some companies prefer continuing to offer the typical sweets found in vending machines, such as gum, mints, chips and candy bars, others are looking for healthier choices in order to promote healthier eating among their employees. Employee wellness has become a critical element in many businesses.

Companies often look for vending options, so their employees have access to snacks throughout the day to keep them productive. However, there is a growing push toward healthier eating habits, which makes many traditional vending machines a thing of the past. Workwell has joined this movement and now offers healthier alternatives in their vending machines so companies can meet the needs of their employees and give them better choices.

Anyone interested in learning about the new vending options offered can find out more by visiting the Workwell website or by calling 1-844-245-4964.

About Workwell: Workwell is a leading provider of vending, food and coffee options for businesses throughout the Chicago area. They understand companies want to provide their employees with quality refreshments to keep them happy and motivated. In addition to traditional options, they also offer an array of healthier alternatives to help assist companies in encouraging healthier eating habits among their employees.


Workwell Food and Beverage Co

Workwell Food and Beverage Co

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