The Law Offices of Jay A. Bansal Help Families Fight for Justice
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : July 25, 2014  Views : 835

Tempe, Arizona, June 26, 2014: The Law Offices of Jay A. Bansal are pleased to announce they can help families fight for justice in wrongful death lawsuits. When someone kills a loved one, whether due to negligence or deliberately, the experienced attorneys at this law firm are ready to help the family obtain compensation for their loss.

Recently, a Glendale man was found shot to death in his driveway. He was found in the car while it was still running. At the current time, his killer has not been identified. Neighbors and family describe the man as loving, involved in his church and artistic without an enemy in the world, making the circumstances surrounding his death even more perplexing. Once the killer is found, the family will likely consider filing for retribution from the guilty party. For this, they will need an experienced law firm, such as the Law Offices of Jay A. Bansal.

Mr. Bansal and his staff have the experience families who are dealing with the death of a loved one require to properly fight on their behalf. They know how to prove the fault of the other party and negotiate for the proper amount of compensation. While no amount of money can make up for a loss like this, it can help families who may be suffering from financial difficulties as a result of paying for a funeral, as well as other expenses and loss of income.
Anyone who would like to find out about filing a wrongful death suit or civil suit can learn more by visiting the Law Offices of Jay A. Bansal website – or by calling 1-480-820-9090.

About the Law Offices of Jay A. Bansal: The Law Office of Jay A. Bansal is a full-service law firm that represents individuals facing cases that include vehicle accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, municipal accidents and more. Their experienced staff have represented hundreds of individuals and helped them get the compensation they deserve. Their goal is to provide clients with the most aggressive representation for the best possible results.