Ever-Changing Jewelry Introduces Halloween Inspired Line
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : November 20, 2017  Views : 219

Ever-Changing Jewelry is pleased to announce they have introduced a new Halloween inspired line of plugs and tunnels to their collection. These pieces are beautifully designed to complement any costume or another outfit.

The dark vintage beauty of these new plugs and tunnels allows individuals to trade out their current pieces for something holiday themed. All of these jewelry items created by Ever-Changing Jewelry are made from organic wood, which means they are safe and healthy, allowing people to wear these pieces of jewelry without worry about whether they will have an allergic reaction to the type of metal it is made from.

Ever-Changing Jewelry is dedicated to providing their customers with quality jewelry handcrafted for beauty, as well as to protecting the environment. In fact, the company promises to help replenish the wood they use in the jewelry they make. In order to do this, we donate a portion of every sale toward planting new trees.

Anyone interested in learning about this new line of Halloween inspired plugs and tunnels can find out more by visiting the Ever-Changing Jewelry website.

About Ever-Changing Jewelry: Ever-Changing Jewelry offers customers a vast array of quality jewelry items, including earrings, plugs, and tunnels, made from quality materials, such as natural woods. In addition to providing their customers with beautiful, environmentally-friendly jewelry options, they also donate a portion of the proceeds to replenish the trees they have used. The company has provided amazing, fun jewelry options since 2012.

Company: Ever-Changing Jewelry
Address: N5377 County Rd S
City: Onalaska
State: Wisconsin
Zip code: 54650
Email address: sales@everchangingjewelry.com