Brian Homann, DDS Helps Patients Begin the Dental Implant Process
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : January 15, 2018  Views : 419

Elk Grove Village, Illinois: Brian Homann, DDS is pleased to announce that the dental practice helps patients begin the dental implant process, which results in beautiful, natural-looking implants for patients with missing teeth. Dr. Homann is known for providing exceptional care and innovative treatments with cutting-edge technology.

Patients looking for dental implants to effectively replace one or more missing teeth in Elk Grove Village can begin the process with Dr. Homann. Dental implants consist of replacing the root of a missing tooth and ensuring that the replacement is strong and looks and functions like a patient’s own natural teeth.

Before implants are placed, Dr. Homann holds a thorough consultation and examination to ensure that a patient is an appropriate client. Once a patient is approved to get dental implants in Elk Grove Village, Dr. Homann refers him or her to a qualified oral surgeon who will actually place the implant for long-term results.

Dr. Homann educates patients on the entire process before providing the referral. The mouth will be prepared, and a dental implant will be placed in the root. The implant will have to be fully integrated into the mouth before the tooth portion is installed. In some cases, a temporary tooth can be placed as an anchor. An abutment piece is placed to hold the permanent restoration, which can include a bridge, crown or denture.

For more information about the practice and its services, visit the website at Brian Homann, DDS or call 1-847-439-9440.

About Brian Homann, DDS: Brian Homann, DDS is an Elk Grove Village dental practice that offers a wide range of dental services for patients of all ages. The practice offers general, cosmetic, minimal sedation and snoring and sleep apnea services. Dr. Homan is a family and cosmetic dentist with a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide patients with the best care. He takes the time to listen to patients and learn about their goals, needs and any fears they may have to make them feel comfortable during each visit. At his practice, Dr. Homann offers routine check-ups, fillings, bridges, teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign, laughing gas, anti-snoring devices and more.

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