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By: Phineas Gray
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A new website, TheCareerLanding.com, is being launched and it is directed at students to explore post-secondary education, keeping their careers in mind. The site is devoted to helping students select not just the best college for them but also the career that best suits their interests and desires.

Many times students begin college with a lack of direction or they may not be sure what career path to follow. TheCareerLanding.com gives students a tool to help them discover their true talents and it helps to select a college that focuses on their chosen field of study.

Kapali Eswaran, the creator of TheCareerLanding.com, developed the site because as he states, “more than 30% of the freshman entering academic college dropout without graduating. We want to provide such students options to explore careers and career colleges. TheCareerLanding.com provides these services free of charge.”

The website offers different resources and information on colleges, scholarships, length of study, online or on-campus, costs, and careers. The site allows students to navigate various skills to see which career may be a natural fit. The site also helps students to find the best colleges based on their chosen field of study.

The site not only has information for four-year schools but it contains information for students who wish to pursue their education at two-year collegiate institutions. Two-year institutions have grown in popularity in the last few years, in part due the rising cost of obtaining a four-year degree. Two-year colleges can offer a more economical alternative and help students avoid hefty college loan debt.

TheCareerLanding.com Features

One of the major features of the site is a quick but detailed career assessment questionnaire. The questions guide the user to help them pick a career that may be more suited for them. For example, some of the questions are “I like to work on cars, “I like to do puzzles”, or “I like to work independently”. When all the questions have been answered the student will receive feedback which can be used to select a field of study.

Another highlight of the site is the Explore Careers section. This section gives detailed information regarding multiple occupations. It showcases information such as median salary, related fields of study, and it also showcases comparison degrees and job outlook on certain careers.

Why Students Should Use TheCareerLanding.com

TheCareerLanding.com not only helps students select the college that’s best for them but the site also becomes a partner in the college selection process. Once a student narrows his/her choice of schools, personnel at TheCareerLanding.com will contact schools on the student’s behalf keeping the student contacts anonymous until the student is ready to make direct contact with the institution.

About TheCareerLanding.com

TheCareerLanding.com provides options in post-secondary education to high school students, adults, and veterans. The site is also partners with 2 or 4-year collegiate institutions. Schools and counselors can sign up by visiting the website.

About Kapali Eswaran

Kapali Eswaran is the Founder and CEO of TheCareerLanding.com. Kapali is a successful serial entrepreneur. His successes include Esvel (Relational Database company sold to Hewlett Packard and Computer Associates), Kaps Systems (technology acquired by BP, Germany), Integrated Informatics, Inc. and 340BSoftware.com. Kapali has a BS in Engineering from India, Masters from Stanford and a Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley.

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