The Diff
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : May 31, 2018  Views : 292

\"\"As we move from summer to winter in Sydney, the pace of this city’s growth changes very little. This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and as members of the construction scene, your friends at ALSO Pumping area gearing up for a busy winter season.

As with many industries, the concrete pumping experts in Sydney are keen to ensure the safety of their operations. With the use of heavy machinery, the stakes are high, and we want all of our employees to ensure that they head home safely every day, to say nothing of the safety of the surrounding area’s buildings or infrastructure.

In particular, concrete pumping trucks require some careful treatment, to ensure that they stay on their feet. A number of high-profile issues have occurred in recent years, where these trucks have tipped over, which have put this issue in to the public consciousness.

One of the reasons that these trucks can tip over is the weight of the concrete, flowing out through the extended boom. This requires that the truck itself is securely anchored, with many having extendable ‘feet’, to keep the truck stable and securely seated. Staying aware of the environment, and not overextending the boom, with keep the operation working smoothly along, and working within your limits is the name of the game.

No job is worth endangering our employees at ALSO Pumping, so we stay well within our limits while going about our business. Learn more about our devotion to safety through our website, or get in touch, today.