DekTex Opens New Custom Decks and Docks Business
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : July 13, 2018  Views : 909

DekTex is proud to announce the launch of their new custom decks and docks business serving the Madison and surrounding areas.

All projects designed by this newly opened business are custom made to perfectly fit a client’s space. Each deck or dock created uses only quality materials from Simpson Strong-Ties and Trex to ensure the best possible results.

Thanks to the custom materials and design, there’s an added benefit offered by using DekTex’s design and build services. By installing a custom deck or dock to a home or property, it can significantly increase value, leading to higher selling prices.

Rather than settling for a pre-designed deck or dock, with the help of DekTex, one can be created to fit the space available and the specifications of a client. In the long run, this leads to greater aesthetic appeal and a higher level of function.

With the newly opened business, those in Madison and the surrounding areas now have access to a company dedicated to providing a highly sought out feature to a home and property.

Additional information about the opening of the new DekTex business can be found by visiting the website or calling 608-216-2002.

About DekTex: DekTex is a recently opened, high-quality dock and deck building service providing services for the area of Madison, Wisconsin. Offering made-to-order decks and docks, customers can feel confident they will get the results they need when using this company’s services.

Business: DekTex
City: Madison
State: Wisconsin
Phone Number: 608-216-2002