To Have & To Borrow Announces Opening of New Business
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : March 19, 2019  Views : 312

To Have & To Borrow has announced the start of a new business in the wedding industry, which includes the launch of their new website, To Have & To Borrow stands out as the first ever, custom made bridal rental accessories store for those who are looking to enhance their bridal look with unique, handmade items. They’re bringing couture, artisan bridal accessories to every bride at every price point to complement different tastes and budgets. Each accessory ordered from the company is custom made specifically for the bride with the option of either renting the product or purchasing it for the wedding day.

To Have & To Borrow is the first rentable bridal couture company in the industry with customization of beading, embroidery, and Swarovski crystal work with many options available. Each unique piece is handmade and high quality to ensure the accessory looks beautiful. Available accessories include headpieces, belts, veils, and sashes to complement the wedding gown. All of the accessories are specifically crafted for the bride to ensure they fit well and are specific to her vision.

Luxury couture is now within reach with both rental and purchase options available. All rentals are available for up to 15 days before they need to be returned to the company. Whether you choose to rent or buy, you’re always the first person to wear the item for your special day.

For more information about the business and its services, visit the website at To Have & To Borrow today!

About To Have & To Borrow: To Have & To Borrow stands out in the wedding industry for couture pieces that are custom made-to-order for modern brides. Customers can choose to rent their custom pieces which are each cut, hand-beaded, and crafted to wear alone. The couture accessories can also be purchased and have a higher level of customization with Swarovski crystal work, embroider y, and beading. All of the products are carefully constructed by India-based artisans who have a high level of skill and precision with each piece created.


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