Paramount Physical Therapy Seeks New Clients in Need
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : May 14, 2019  Views : 206

Paramount Physical Therapy offers a variety of services to its clients at the Fairfield location. Currently, it is the only location available, but it serves people in and near Fairfield with a variety of issues.

Currently, the company offers four services, which span a wide variety of conditions and issues. Remedial massage therapy treats many pre-diagnosed issues of the musculoskeletal system, which can include muscular cramps/spasms, neck pain, and tension headaches.

Myotherapy is also available, which can treat many musculoskeletal conditions that have already been diagnosed by a general practitioner. These can include sports injuries, back pain, and jaw pain or dysfunction.

Physiotherapy is also available and is a specialty of the facility. Paramount Physical Therapy offers some of the best physio services in the area. It can treat many issues, including women\'s health problems, fractures, and chronic pain.

NormaTec is also available, which is a compression system that\'s designed for rapid rehabilitation and recovery. It can quickly improve blood flow, remove lactic acid from the body, and improve lymphatic drainage.

Paramount Physical Therapy is a newer clinic that was established to help with a variety of conditions using multiple treatment options. It\'s quickly become one of the leading providers of physio services and massage in Fairfield. The physical therapists here deliver professional and high-quality treatment.

To be of better service to its customers, Paramount Physical Therapy is available every day of the week, though patients need an appointment for Sundays, and it is recommended to visit any of the other six days when possible. Paramount also works with private health funds and Medicare. It lists its prices right on the website, offering transparency to new and established patients.

With a variety of physical therapists on staff, patients can get treated quickly and be on their way. With such a large facility and staff on hand to help, new patients are always welcome and will get the best and most appropriate treatment based on their condition.

Potential patients can visit Paramount\'s website at to get information about the staff, services, prices, and more. To talk to a staff member, they can use the contact form on the website or can email To get information faster, contact Anita directly on 02 8790 7459. She or one of the staff members can provide the right information and help patients book their appointment.