Johnson & Goldrich Fights for Driver’s License Reinstatement for Clients
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : June 12, 2019  Views : 118

\"JohnsonChicago, Illinois : Johnson & Goldrich serves Chicago area drivers by helping them get their licenses reinstated. The law firm focuses on those who have lost driving privileges and fights the legal battle to reinstate their clients’ licenses. Legal professionals at Johnson & Goldrich use their 25 years of combined experience at Secretary of State hearings to assist clients in regaining driving privileges.

Johnson & Goldrich continues to work with most of the major drug and alcohol treatment providers across Illinois. The legal team understands what is required by the Secretary of State for both informal and formal hearings. When a former Illinois resident is petitioning for their license to be reinstated, the attorneys and staff help prepare out-of-state petitions so their license can be reinstated in another state. At Johnson & Goldrich, the belief is anyone who has had their driving privileges revoked or suspended has the right to be represented by a qualified attorney. The law firm believes they are the right choice.

Attorneys with the firm encourage those who need to have a license reinstated to not stand alone in the fight. The complexities of the legal system and the process is often overwhelming, and the reinstatement hearing terrifies the untrained. Reinstatement attorneys at Johnson & Goldrich have a winning track record, know the system  and client’s rights and advocate on their behalf to have driving privileges returned.

Individuals who are seeking to have their driving privileges reinstated are encouraged to visit the Johnson & Goldrich website or call 312-795-1801.

About Johnson & Goldrich: 
Johnson & Goldrich is a professional law firm located in Chicago, Illinois. The attorneys at the firm focus on helping individuals reinstate their driving privileges. They have the experience and expertise to win at administrative hearings as they advocate for clients.

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