JD Flannel Donuts and Coffee Celebrates 50,000 Gourmet Donuts Served
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : July 10, 2019  Views : 1089

San Juan Capistrano, CA: JD Flannel Donuts and Coffee is celebrating its sixth month of serving gourmet donuts and specialty roasted coffee to the community of San Juan Capistrano and broader Orange County.  Its doors opened on January 15, 2019, and the shop has now served over 50,000 gourmet donuts to its customers.  

The company was founded by John Miller and Dave Rhode, both natives of Orange County and close friends for over 35 years.  Located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano and walking distance from the Mission, JD Flannel serves gourmet donuts made from scratch.  Donuts are made in small batches throughout the day so they are fresh no matter when customers arrive.  By using high-end ingredients such as real vanilla beans, premium chocolate, and pure maple syrup, and by avoiding the use of artificial flavors and preservatives, JD Flannel is changing the donut-experience for many people.

Spearheading the kitchen is Executive Chef Lindsay Jones who has used her creativity and culinary experience from around the world to create a compelling menu for donut fans.  The shop serves both traditional flavors, such as chocolate, maple, and glazed, as well as new-gourmet flavors such as lemon-blueberry, brown butter sea salt, and strawberries and cream.  In the very short amount of time the shop has been open, it has received honors from The Taste of San Juan Capistrano and has been asked to cater for several large school events, corporate celebrations, and weddings.

At the heart of the business, however, is the desire to build community and friendships.  According to co-founder Dave Rhode, “Our vision is to serve others and create a space where everyone feels welcome in our shop.  We want to be a place where we know our customers’ names and, if we are meeting you for the first time, we can serve you a gourmet donut and cup of coffee with warmth from a staff that genuinely cares about you.”

In addition to offering traditional and new-gourmet flavors, JD Flannel also offers gluten-friendly donuts, which have quickly become a favorite.  Says co-founder John Miller, “We knew that if we were to offer a gluten-friendly donut, it had to taste like a true donut.  The response from our customers has been incredible!  Dave and I agree that one of the best parts of opening the shop has been to watch kids, who have never had a donut because of dietary issues or allergies, bite into one our gluten-friendly donuts for the first time.  Priceless!”  On a typical day, JD Flannel will offer three or four different gluten-friendly flavors, while vegan donuts are usually offered Saturday through Monday.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about the gourmet donuts and coffee are encouraged to visit the JD Flannel website (jdflannel.com) or call 949-218-4483.

About JD Flannel Donuts and Coffee:  JD Flannel Donuts and Coffee is a gourmet donut and coffee shop located at 31878 Del Obispo St, #122 in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  JD Flannel was awarded Honorable Mention (second place) in the Best Dessert category at the Taste of San Juan Capistrano only after being open for two weeks.